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Vitrectomy Recovery
Vitrectomy Recovery
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In-Store Inventory in Moorpark, CA

Tending to your medical care at home has never been easier when you shop for the same supplies and equipment your doctors use at our in-store inventory in Moorpark, California. Medical Supplies IHP is proud to offer you an unrivaled selection of medical supplies at reasonable prices.

Our Inventory

Take charge of your health and comfort by simply using the right equipment at home. With top-of-the-line supplies in stock all day, every day, always find what you need, including:

• Specialized Mattresses
• Compression Hosiery
• Wound Care Supplies
• Blood Pressure Cuffs & Gages
• Stethoscopes
• Walkers & Rollators
• Oximeters
• Incontinence Products
• Orthopedic Braces & Supports
• Massage Chairs
  & Seated Support Systems
• Crutches

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Medical Supplies, In-Store Inventory in Moorpark, CA